Let's get to know each other! 

We are a family business that owns the nanobrewery Roslep Brewery, which is located in a beautiful pine forest in the village of Rooslepa (Noarootsi).

Our small but productive brewery under the Rooslepa pines has grown out of a hobby and love for brewing. Our goal is to offer both old classics and new experiments in the world of beers.

 We currently have 7 different beers to choose from.

Our brew size is 159L and fermentations 159L x 3, so we are one of the smallest breweries in Estonia! 

We do all the hard work with our family and friends! We deserve the title of 100% craft beer because we don't have automatic bottling lines or high-tech labeling machines. 

We have selected two favorites from the brewery equipment, BrewTools from Norway and Speidel from Germany.

If you have already looked at the names of our beers, you probably have some questions!? We have given all beers the names of old villages in Noarootsi (Swedish). On the side of the label on the bottle there is also a map showing the location of the village according to the name of the beer!